IP68 Waterproof 16 Color Submersible LED Pool Lights - cozyazel


IP68 Waterproof 16 Color Submersible LED Pool Lights – cozyazel


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These submersible colorful LED lights can turn your unimpressive backyard into a breathtaking fantasy!

What are the LED Pool Lights?

The LED Pool Light is wireless & portable LED designed to shine a colorful spotlight on your home’s best features…

Want to see more of LED Pool Light in action?

In addition to being used in the swimming pool, it can also be used in the following scenarios:
With the Underwater Pool Lights, you can illuminate your pool with 16 colors for different occasions. Purple, red, and green are amazing for parties of dreams whereas blue and white are excellent for relaxing nights.

It is also excellent for home decoration so you can place it anywhere it fits well.


How to Use the LED Pool Light?

It is so easy to use and it contains a remote control that will allow you to change the color of all lights at the same time and change light intensity.

Using the LEDFantasy light is incredibly simple.

Place them wherever you want. They are battery-powered, so no extra wiring or fancy electrical work is required.

Use the included remote control to turn the LED on or off, and select one of the 16 colors.

Then, sit back & smile as your friends rave about how amazing your place looks.

*Be sure to screw the cap clockwise and tightly before putting it in the water.

*When the battery runs out, the lights stay red, if they no longer change between colors and the remote control stops working, replace the battery.

*The maximum depth to reach is recommended to less than 2 m.

Here are a few other great features I love:

  • 16 Colors + Dimmer (can shuffle the colors too)
  • No Installation Required
  • Compact & Crush Proof (Built to last)
  • Wireless, Portable
  • Point & Click Easy Remote Control
  • IP68 Waterproof (Go ahead, dunk it!)
  • Ultra Affordable
  • Ridiculously Fun & Dazzling


  • Be CREATIVE with where and when you want to place the LED Pool Light: backyard, living room, kitchen, during birthday, Halloween you name it… these lights can definitely spice things up 😉
  • Make sure you have enough LED Pool Lights to create the effects you desired and some extras for experiments. There’re many times I told myself ‘I wish I should’ve bought more’
  • You get much more value when buying multiple lights at once


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