2-in-1 Sprayer and Scrubber Tool - haleybarn


2-in-1 Sprayer and Scrubber Tool – haleybarn


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Eliminate soapy bucket and brush while washing your farm animals

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Dairy cows also need to be washed and cleaned. Make the task simple using a 2-in-1 Cattle Sprayer and Scrubber Tool. Spray water and scrub the dirt off at the same time. Brush out loose hair while giving a pampering massage. This 2-in-1 bathing sprayer is made of large silicone bristles that apply just enough pressure to clean out dirt while the built-in hose continuously wash the focused area,  


  • Brush out dirt and loose hair. Give your dairy cow a good bathing by brushing out dirt, sweat, mud and loose hair with each stroke. The 2-in-1 Cattle Sprayer and Scrubber Tool helps wash and clean your dairy cow 3x faster than using a separate brush and water hose at 2.2 gpm flow rate. 

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  • Clean a whole cow in less time.  Designed with silicone brush and large bristles with built-in water hose, it’s easier to brush and clean your cow from head, foot and belly faster than the usual soapy bucket, scrub and water hose. It has an adjustable 2 pressure setting – high and low with a one-hand button operation. 

  • Suitable for large farm animals. Wash your cow, horse, and farm dogs regularly to prevent dairy milk contamination, skin irritation, oil and dirt build ups. Easy to install and attach on the main faucet or water source. Save your time, water and energy in washing your livestocks. 

Product Specification:

Material: silicone 
Product Size: 96 x 6 x 3.6 inches
Product Weight: 1.39 Pounds
Color: blue


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